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Thank you so much for all of your help over the past year and a half. You have been amazing beyond words! We absolutely could not have done this without you! Thank you!

Nickie & Mark (Bride & Groom - July 2014)

Going into this whole affair, my goal was to show off Chicago & a big city wedding but not be boastful or arrogant. I have heard from many people that it was a big city production with a small town very personal feel. It is because of you and your staff that this was accomplished. I can’t thank you enough.

Peter (Father of the Groom – July 2014)

I wanted to thank you for everything you did to make Mike & Kelly’s wedding weekend such a success. I know that we were just extended family, but I could tell how much you cared about their happiness that da. Your team was just amazing—and it was all in the little details. One of your staff made sure my sons, the ring bearers, had food so they didn’t melt down. You were so sweet to let me help “take care” of everyone in my role. We were just thrilled to be in your presence. So, thank you once again and best of luck in all you do!

Jen (Bride & Groom’s sister – July 2014)

Before I step off the clouds from Michael and Kelly’s wedding weekend (assuming I do) I wanted to pen a note of gratitude for you, your staff, your professional and deep personal involvement and what I have dubbed “the Big City Bride hammer” – when it went down, things happened like a well-oiled, finely tuned machine. It is beyond challenging to make a flock of 44 geese in a wedding party fly in a perfect “V” formation—and it truly did! And they loved it—and so did I—the magic fairy dust that you so elegantly sprinkled on everything did not go un-noticed. Tons of gratitude for a life-long memory.

Ruth (Mother of the Bride – July 2014)

I agree too! It could not have been a more perfect, magical 2 days 🙂 We had more comments about how it was the nicest, most beautiful wedding they had ever seen. While it was Kaz’s vision that laid the foundation, it was your flawless planning and execution that made it all come true in a way that exceeded our wildest expectations. More importantly, you were an absolute delight to work with all the way, and you have been a great friend over the past year. We hope you continue to be a great friend for a long time to come.

Big hugs,

James (Groom – July 2014)

On a scale of 1 – 10, your work as our wedding planner was a 14.

Thank you!

You tended every detail with creativity, a perfect sense of timing and unbridled joy for your work. You helped James and Kaz create 2 days that were such a glorious celebration of their love and life together that our family and guests all feel like they were living in a fairy tale.

Please sign me up as your biggest fan.

With much appreciation,

Susan (Mother of the Groom & Host of Party – July 2014)

I can’t tell you how many e-mails I have written you in my head. You would be able to fill volumes of books. That being said, I just want you to know how very thankful I am that you created one of the most “Beautiful Days” in my families lives. With your great planning and expertise, you helped Megan and Tony create a most beautiful atmosphere. I have relived that beautiful event over and over in my head since I received the countless number of pictures. From the rehearsal to the wedding and on to the brunch. Wow, again thank you, thank you thank you!!!! I truly feel blessed that you were the “Wedding Planner.” I am not sure if you will ever know how that day made our family feel.

Maribeth Finnigan Bown (Mother of the Bride – July 2014)

There are a million wonderful things I can say about Big City Bride but I will try and keep it simple!

From the day that I called Big City Bride to start planning my wedding they LITERALLY treated me like I was family. My husband and I had a tent wedding in Lake Geneva, WI. The fact alone that we were making our own venue was a job in itself but they effortlessly and brilliantly made it our real life fairy tail wedding. After a short 9 months of planning, the day had arrived and not a single thing wasn’t covered. Big City Bride were our wedding NINJAS! If there was something I thought about, it was already done. I had absolutely nothing to worry about and Susan and her girls made sure I knew that. Throughout the entire process, I don’t think there was one thing that went unnoticed. Thank you so much BCB girls!!

Megan (Bride – July 2014)

Thank you again for all of your amazing work to ensure that our wedding was absolutely perfect! We could not have imagined a more beautiful celebration, and we know it was due to all of your dedication and vision. We are so grateful for everything that you do!

Margo & Frank (Bride & Groom June 2014)

Ashish and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping to make our wedding the most beautiful and fun day of our lives. We agree that it absolutely would not have run very smoothly without you, and definitely would not have been as fun for us. You allowed us to really enjoy the day without worrying about all the little details, and that was priceless to us.

Ashish and Grace (Bride & Groom – June 2014)