Wedding Planning Budget Tip

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Brad’s Deals just published, “Chicago Hacks: 50 Tips for Enjoying City Life on a Budget” which features a quote from Susan Cordogan regarding wedding budget tips! 


Weddings on a Budget


According to a study by, Chicago is the 5th most expensive place in the U.S. to get hitched. If you’re looking to tie the knot for less without leaving the city, try out this tip.
21. BYOB wedding venues will save you some serious cash.
Susan Cordogan of the blog Big City Bride says: “Best money-saving wedding hack is to book a wedding venue that allows you to “BYOB.” Yes! This really does exist! This means you can get your liquor from any source…Costco, Binny’s or even your favorite vineyard! Most liquor stores will deliver your order right to your wedding venue. They’ll also pick-up and credit you for any booze that is unopened. This wedding hack is not only good for those trying to cut costs, but it’s also a great way to serve your favorite brands of booze, beer, bubbles, etc!”
Every wedding is different and not every Chicago venue offers a BYOB option. So, BEFORE booking your venue, consult with your Chicago wedding planner and see if this is a possiblity. You will save A LOT of money and be much happier with your hand picked beverage options. Trust us!