A Wedding Planner: The Quarterback

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In honor of the Super Bowl it’s only fitting we bring you a wedding planner’s version of football. Fiancs sometimes have trouble understanding why a wedding planner is necessary, so we’ve created a breakdown he is sure to connect with!

A Big City Bride wedding planner is the quarterback of the ultimate Super Bowl-your wedding day! 

•  Team Coordinator: Wedding planners TAKE control and PRODUCE results. Just as a quarterback coordinates between and during plays, your Chicago wedding planner provides the ultimate planning experience. A quarterback will touch the ball on every offensive play, a wedding planner is hands-on involved in everything wedding. From tastings to day of timelines…your wedding planner is your ultimate resource to produce the results you want.

•  Knows How to Work the Field: A quarterback doesn’t run the same plays the entire game. He will examine the situation to make the most effective play. Big City Bride is a team of seasoned wedding planners… and we know how to run the ball. Just like football plays, no two weddings are ever alike. Every wedding planning package is completely custom to fit our couple’s needs. We meet with you, discuss your vision and build you a package to fit just what you need! 

•  Sideline Studies: Even when a quarterback is not on the field, he will study the plays to see how the defense is doing. On your wedding day, even when there is a sideline moment your Big City Bride wedding planner is ALWAYS focused. From timing meal courses to coordinating speeches we are 100% in the game!

•  Home Field Advantage: Every quarterback loves playing in his home stadium. Imagine this…every wedding venue is Big City Bride’s home field. We are experienced, skilled and know the ins and outs of wedding venues to create the perfect day. Weddings are a repeat business for us; weddings are our home field advantage. 

•  The Communicator: A quarterback must have exceptional communication skills with his team and coach to produce plays. Well, as wedding planners we do all your communicating. We connect you with vendors, we examine contracts, we TRIPLE confirm everything and we make sure everyone is in the know. 

  • Loyal Team Player: A good quarterback is loyal to his team and the game. A wedding planner is no different. We are loyal to you and to your wedding. We dedicate hours to making sure your day is stress-free and perfect. We examine situations, understand problems and produce results. We have the skills to create your dream wedding. 

A wedding planner can turn all of your wedding dreams and ideas into a reality. Big City Bride has the tools, resources and knowledge to maximize your budget and minimize your stress! Share this post with your soon to be hubby, this will give him a sense of what a wedding planner can do for his wedding.