Wedding Gift Guidelines

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             We spend lots of time sharing tips to make the wedding planning process a bit easier, but today we want to share some pointers for those who are attending a wedding asking yourself the stressful question, “How much to spend on a wedding gift?!”

            As a guest, this process can be quite worrisome.  What to give? How much? Cash? Gift? Well, your in luck Big City Bride has some advice for you! The first part of this process is deciding to purchase a gift or give the couple money. If you decide a gift is the better option, we recommend purchasing an item listed on the registry. The couple worked hard to select items that will be most useful to them as they embark on their new journey together. They would LOVE to receive something off this list. If you would rather skip the trouble of scouting out the registry, another great option (and one that is VERY popular) is to give the newly weds a heartfelt card with a check. A card can be turned into a very personal gift just by writing a little something special. 

           In today’s wedding world, the average guest will spend between $75-$150 depending on his or her relationship with the couple. Stick within this range and your gift will be perfectly suitable! When deciding their gift think about thanking them for the experience rather then focusing on the stress that may come with the process. The bride and groom are just truly grateful to share their special day with you!

         And don’t forget to sign the guestbook! Make it a plan to stop at the gift and guestbook table during cocktail hour this way you won’t have to carry the gift for too long and you will have time to write something special.