Wedding Crashers!

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Everyone thinks about fun ideas that will help make your wedding day a success but most of the time you’re not thinking about the things that can potentially ‘crash’ your Chicago wedding. That is why your favorite Chicago wedding planner has come up with a list of ideas that might seem great at the time but may not have the best outcome.

We want you to have the best wedding day possible so here is our list of WEDDING DON’TS:

1. Pace your drinking. Don’t get drunk before your ceremony begins. Of course, having a drink or two to calm your nerves is okay, but taking shots may be the cause for a not so memorable wedding day.

2. Don’t blow it. Bubbles always sound like a better idea than they are! After the ceremony they become a messy and drippy accessory to a fancy frock …Not only do they have the potential to messing up your formal wear, it causes soap to get all over your hands and personal items.

3. Don’t forget to eat! Make sure to eat a good breakfast in the morning, snack throughout the day, and hydrate! Not eating or hydrating can make you irritable and cranky. Most brides and grooms hardly eat at the reception because they are so excited to mingle with guests. You want to remember your special day as one of the best days of your life, not the hungriest.

4. No playground in sight. Everyone loves watching those little munchkins walk down the aisle as ring bearers and flower girls but come reception time, things can get a little chaotic. If kids are allowed at your wedding, we suggest having a room with a childcare service or having a little box of fun sitting at their seat with coloring books and games to keep them occupied during dinner.


5. We love toasts…not drawn out speeches. Not only do ten minute toasts bore your guests but it delays your food service (cold food!) and puts off the dancing even longer. Heartfelt and concise toasts are one of the most memorable and personal parts of a wedding…making it short and sweet is the key to keeping everyone engaged.

6. Too much or too little food. No bride and groom want to send their guests home starving or with a stomach ache. It’s important to find the perfect balance between not serving enough food (dangerous for heavy drinking crowds) and serving too much food (keeping guests off the dance floor). If you serve too many heavy courses, you’re going to slow your guests down on the dance floor, and we want them dancing all night! 

7. Avoid lines. Have enough bathrooms and bars. If things are hard to find – add a few signs so they don’t waste time looking.

8. Open bars should remain open. Having wine service during dinner is one thing, but keeping them open the remainder of the evening until the music ends, will keep guests socializing when they want a break from dancing.

9. Keep the fun in one place. If your venue has an amazing terrace or if your guests are heavy smokers – know that some guests will choose outside. If you want a packed dancefloor, then discourage the outside by at least keeping the bar inside. Put your photobooth near the dancefloor so guests don’t have to leave the fun while they wait in line at the bar.

10. Kick your guests out. Closing time should happen when there are still guests at the party! The best parties don’t end when your guests leave…they end when the time runs out and the party is forced to continue elsewhere.

11. End your night with a bang. That doesn’t mean you need fireworks. Fireworks are an exciting thing to watch but stopping the celebration to bring everyone outside can kill the mood…not to mention they are very expensive, an unnecessary cost and totally dependent on weather. WEDDING DO: End the night with one of your favorite upbeat songs so guests leave feeling great about such an amazing night!