Wedding Child Care Options

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Weddings are the best time to celebrate family, and we want to make sure that your event is fun for everyone, including the kids!  Whether it be planning a fun kids’ table at your venue or arranging sitters for each child, there are endless possibilities when it comes to making your little ones happy on the day of!

If you want to be able to hit the dance floor with the little tikes, a good way to incorporate them into the party is to have a kids’ table set with fun games and coloring books.  You can even give them special goodie bags full of wedding day mementos so they will never forget your special day.  Another option for on-site childcare is to organize a kids’ room at your venue with a babysitter ready to handle all of the little ones at once.  It is always nice for children to have a place to play fun games and do crafts.  One last option is to organize separate child care for each little one at their home or hotel.  We know that everyone has their own level of comfort with who they choose to take care of their children, but this can be a nice gesture for a bride to offer her guests. 

Here in Chicago there are many reputable organizations that help you handle sitters for your big day.  Sitters Studio offers group childcare at your venue as well as individual sitters for each little one at their home or hotel.  Their artistic sitters are sure to engage the little ones in artsy kids games and activities throughout the night.  American Childcare is another sitter service that specializes in creating a special on-site kids’ room that is sure to be a party in itself—fully equipped with age appropriate toys and educational activities.  One last service to note is Sitter City, a great website where guests can find babysitters for your big day.  

While we know it is not the bride’s responsibility to handle childcare for each guest’s child, it is always best to have as much information as possible while planning the details of the wedding day.  Whether responding to inquiring guests or organizing sitters for all of the young ones, we hope these resources help make the party fun for every member of the family!