Turning 40 in 2014!

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Are you or someone you know turning 40 this year?

Left/Right Productions is looking for a woman who has a bright personality that is turning 40 in 2014! They want to capture the journey to turning 40 and all the realities of it!

In the months leading up to their 40th birthdays, they will capture the highs, lows, laughter, tears, practical and absurd happenings of their day to day lives. This will be a new real-life series that showcases those daily endeavors in a successful woman’s life, while on the road to leaving her thirties and entering her forties.

If you or someone you know would be the perfect woman to share her story to turning 40, please reach out to Samantha Thornhill at sthornhill@leftright.tv or 212.695.2092!