Tips for Planning Your Winter Wedding

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Although we hate to utter the words “winter” only in October, for those planning your nuptials it is important to think ahead. It is our nature as Chicago wedding planners to always have a back up plan regarding weather. We make sure all our bases our covered, providing us a plan for any situation. When a Chicago winter is involved…we have many. For those planning a winter wedding it is important to think through all the different scenarios. From photo tours to transportation you must plan ahead for a stress-free day. We love a winter (see all the reasons here), but if the details have not been thought through your day can be a bit hectic. With last years EXTREME cold we have made a list of important things to consider while preparing for Chicago winter wedding:

·      Some photos are not worth the chill! If you have a photo tour planned around the city for your winter wedding, talk to your photographer and make a plan B schedule at indoor locations – don’t want to ruin your hair and makeup! If you choose to tough it out, bring plenty of coats, blankets, gloves, and hand warmers to stay toasty between photos.

·      Ensure your guests’ comfort by arranging heated transportation between the hotel, ceremony, and reception sites. Chicago’s winter months are no time to be wandering the city without directions, especially for out-of-town guests. Keep your guests safe, warm and on time!

·      Talk to your florist as you approach your wedding date: if the weather predictions include extreme cold or wind, you may want to discuss ordering duplicate bouquets and boutonnieres: one for your outdoor photo-shoot and one for the ceremony / reception. Flowers in harsh conditions can fade and wilt, so protect your bouquets in a plastic or paper bag to prevent damage.

·      ?Take advantage of the savory soups and comfort foods of winter! Ask your caterer to use winter flavors such as ginger, cinnamon, mint, rosemary, and parsley in your entrees. Let your guests melt when they see the your hot cocoa or coffee bar! Add red velvet, chocolate mint, or cinnamon doughnuts to top off your guests’ nights! Either of these can be a welcoming winter replacement at your reception.

Winter weddings are beautiful. Falling snow and the Chicago skyline serve as the perfect backdrop. To ensure a perfect event day, make a PLAN B, C and D for the weather! 

Photo Credit: Chicago wedding photographer Riverbend Studio


Photo credit: Chicago wedding photographer Kenny Kim Photography