Stylish Grooms for Wedding Day

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With a team of such seasoned Chicago wedding planners, Big City Bride is able to plan weddings for clients of all styles. We have some who love the details, some who are all about the food and some who love it ALL. Each new couple brings a new style to the wedding day. However…lately, it is not just our brides bringing style, but the grooms too! We have seen outfit changes, rustic boutonnieres, patterned socks, funky bowties, mix and match patterns and lots of color! This new trend can be classified as tradition with flair. It brings an extra personal touch to the wedding day. Is your man a bit stylish? Adding any of these elements is the perfect way for him to feel involved in the creative process of wedding planning. Let him decide the extra “piece” he would like to add to his wedding day attire. Brides…don’t worry! This will not interrupt your wedding day style. There are ways to keep it unique and uniform. For example, patterned wedding day socks matching the wedding theme and color is the most popular groom style. The groom will wear an extra special pair and all of his men can have different patterns of the same color. Two wonderful extras with this: photo op and groomsmen gift! The groom can gift special socks to each of his guys…this way it remains uniform, but also personal.  Any of these options can add extra style to your wedding without breaking the budget. Your man will love being included and you will love the personal style it brings to your day. Here are some stylish grooms spotted at Big City Bride weddings.