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As always, Big City Bride is full of tips for all things wedding. There is magic behind every moment on wedding day – to pulling it off and making it seem effortless in all its perfection. We often joke that clients don’t know how good we are at our job because we work so tirelessly to make it seem easy and stress free. Sparklers are one of those moments that looks easy, sounds like a great idea, but has the potential to crash and burn. Here are the Chicago wedding planning tips of things to know before you attempt your sparkler get-a-way:

  • Buy at least two foot sparklers. You need enough time where they are all lit for a photo to work so length is important.
  • You may need to make a quick trip to Indiana!
  • Not every guest needs them. Plan on only your bridal party and close family being a part of this moment and wedding photo opportunity.
  • Plan this time into the evening to sneak outside – many couples don’t actually do this at the end of the night but quickly during dancing (you’re still looking good!)
  • Have a bucket of water ready. Drunk friends in close proximity should not play with sparklers.
  • Hire a Chicago wedding planner and let them manage the crazy moment!
  • Hire a Chicago wedding photographer who knows how to take the picture. It’s a true talent!