Seating at Your Wedding!

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Deciding on the perfect seating arrangement can be quite the task for any couple heading down the aisle, especially when you consider all the options!  Both open and assigned seating can each be great choices for your special day, depending on the overall tone of the event you are hoping for.  Consider the pros and cons to these two seating arrangements and you are sure to make the best decision for your Chicago wedding.

OPEN SEATING: Open seating is a great choice for a couples who want a more casual dinnner. Guests have the option of sitting wherever they want, so no need to worry about uncomfortable small talk at a table of people who have never met!  And even better yet, the bride and groom won’t need to work for long hours fussing over a seating chart. With open seating, you can have many differnet seating arrangements, with short and tall tables as well as special lounge areas. You can even add fun food stations to the reception area with various delectable cuisines!  Just as long as you make sure to have enough seating for every guest, this is a perfect option that allows guests to choose where they want to sit and even sometimes what they want to eat. 

ASSIGNED SEATING: On the other hand, if organization is your best friend, assigned seating might be the way to go!  Perfect for a more formal affair, this option takes all of the pressure off of your guests.  They won’t need to choose where they sit, and in most cases will have already picked their meal for the event.  Additionally, there will be no wasted space in the venue due to unfilled seats.  Not only that, but all guest dietary or handicap needs will be accounted for prior to the event, so you won’t need to worry about running to the kitchen for a special accommodations on the day of!  It is customary for guests to receive their table assignments on escort cards during the cocktail hour, which is a great excuse for a fun display that can add to the wedding dcor.  And if you want to add one more personal touch, think about special place settings at each table.  Whether on a place card, thank you note, or on the menu itself, place settings can make your guests feel appreciated on your Chicago wedding day!

With either of these two seating arrangements, you are sure to impress your guests and have a wedding to remember!


Photo Credit: Chicago Wedding Photographer Riverbend Studio