Rent the Runway for Bridesmaids

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Brides are being more daring when it comes to their maids’ attire. We are seeing bold color palettes, unique designs and even different styles. A new twist on the bridemaid gown is to rent couture gowns for a fraction of the price via Rent the Runway. If you haven’t been on this website yet…check it out! This website allows gals to search thousands of couture gowns by size, color, length, style, formality, etc.   Maids or even moms can wear these gorgeous frocks without breaking the bank.  How it works?…The dresses are shipped out to the renter in two sizes, pressed and ready to wear!  Rent the Runway is even a great option for guests. Many of you have numerous wedding obligations each year. Lots of family members and friends tying the knot…Rent the Runway allows you to save some cash and still look fabulous! A little perk…you can keep the garment bag that comes with the gown.  The downside…saying goodbye to a gorgeous gown as you mail it back. 

For any Chicago brides: Chicago’s New Flagship store IS OPEN!!!!!! 


Single Event (45 min)
Multiple Events (90 min)
Fit Guarantee
Pick Up
Drop Off
Location: 710 N. Wabash Avenue Chicago, IL 60611