Reality TV Casting Looking For Brides & Grooms

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Big City Bride has a great conversation starter for your holiday dinner table. So often we find ourselves laughing at our Chicago wedding planning lives. An office of five women working long hours and dealing with great people and exciting Chicago weddings mean we have stories. Big City Bride has the kind of stories that could fill a very entertaining reality show (or so we think.)
You may say the same about your family. Maybe your Thanksgiving dinner is full of hilarity or fabulous traditions. Perhaps you’re all wishing fifteen minutes of fame or just a big cash prize. Well…Big City Bride was recently called by a casting agent looking for newly weds or engaged couples who will be married by February 2013 for a game show. The Gameshow brings the couples and their families under one roof, working together for a shot at a large cash prize! Any interested couples can apply at this website: for the reality tv casting calls in chicago!
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