Rain-Free Wedding Day

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Chicago wedding planners know how unpredictable Chicago weather can be. Most days it has a serious mind of its own. If there is a chance of rain you can find us checking radar updates to ensure it will not mess up of wedding day timeline. Usually this is one aspect of the wedding day that is out of every Chicago wedding planner’s hand, but Oliver’s Luxury Travel Company has a service that could guarantee the perfect wedding weather. However, it will cost $100,000. How do they do it? The method is “cloud seeding” and it is a form of weather modification. It uses silver iodide to cause clouds to burst and disappear. It disperses substances into the air that serves as cloud condensation. Of course, natural disasters are not accounted for. This technique has been used for environmental purposes (droughts, etc.), but as the Telegraph reported a very special couple used this method on their wedding day––Prince William and Kate Middleton!

Unfortunately, this service is currently only available when you book at Oliver’s Travel chateaux in France.

So, to all our lovely couples chancing the weather…do not worry! The most important part of your wedding day is to celebrate your love. Rain or sunshine the day is all about you marrying the love of your life. 

Chicago Wedding Photographer: Edenhurst Studio