Primitive Wedding Venue Allows Dancing For First Time

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Primitive is one of the great Chicago wedding venues. Located on Jefferson Street, this is a unique, beautiful Chicago venue. Primitive is home to one-of-a-kind furniture, art, fashion, and more. Their products “come from the hand and the heart”. Primitive’s collections represent over 100 countries world-wide.  
Previously, Primitive did not allow dancing in their building. The reasoning behind it was because of the Buddha located in one of the exhibits. However, your favorite Chicago wedding planner just received great news! Primitive now allows dancing and Big City Bride is thrilled – because we love a party! They have changed their minds on the topic. When we called the venue manager to ask why the rules changed, he replied, “Who the heck would do an event without dancing? It doesn’t make any sense to me.” If you’re looking for a different, fun venue for your Chicago wedding, keep Primitive in mind! It might also be a great option for a Chicago rehearsal dinner or anniversary party.