Postage Cost Increases

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The cost of a wedding goes up every year, even if it is something as small as a stamp! Your favorite Chicago wedding planner is here to report that the cost of stampes are going up 3 cents on January 26, 2014! It may just be 3 cents, but when you are sending out print materials such as, Save the Dates, Invitations to bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties and your Chicago wedding, those 3 cents will add up quickly! Just take note! If can get your Save the Dates in the mail by Saturday you can take advantage of the less expensive postage!

Print Materials are an important and creative part of wedding planning! Any invitations for wedding related events are great for letting friends and family know the series of events for your Chicago wedding. Sending out the perfect invitation is key because it sets the tone for your wedding. Here are some things to keep in mind…

  • Shape and Size do matter! Odd shapes and sizes do cost more to mail and most of the time need more than 1 stamp. Squares are beautiful but require extra postage.
  • The weight of your invitation has an effect on how many stamps you will need! The cardstock, paper layers and informational cards all add weight to your invitation. Often times becuase of the thickness they need to be hand fed rather than machine fed into the system.
  • Before you go to the post office with all of your invitations, it’s best to take just one to get weighed! This way you will know exactly how many stamps you will need and won’t catch yourself in a bind at the last minute!

If an ordinary stamp isn’t your style, then you can create a custom stamp for your wedding! Zazzle is a great resource for custom or specialty stamps. Just be sure if you are going to order custom stamps for your Chicago wedding invitations, to order enough! You don’t want to get stuck with not having enough stamps!