Planning Your Valentine’s Day Proposal & What to Do Next!

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Valentine’s Day is only day behind Christmas for the most marriage proposals. 10% of couple’s choose this holiday to make it official. Chances are you know a couple that could or should take the proposal plunge.
Here are tips to help prepare and plan for the perfect proposal:
  • DO hire a proposal planner. Yes, this is becoming a thing! Just as you would hire a wedding planner to orchestrate the details of your big day, hiring a proposal planner ensures perfect production for your movie moment. They can also be on hand to capture the proposal on video and in photos.
  • DO beat the clich Valentine’s Day proposal…Skip the table-side champagne and stay away from horse drawn carriages. While your honey may love fairytales, give (s)he a great engagement story that you will BOTH be proud to tell over and over again!
  • DO use the special night as an opportunity for a surprise engagement party. Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest “going out” nights of the year, so invite all your friends & family to meet up for a celebratory cocktail and make it aninsta-engagementparty. OrplanaV-Daypartyvs.aromanticdinner:Haveyourfriendsover,shewon’tbe expecting a proposal, but will be thrilled when all of her faves are there to celebrate.
VALENTINE’S DAY MARKS THE END OF “ENGAGEMENT SEASON”…and as Chicago wedding planners we say it’s last chance to plan a 2016 wedding.
While our list could go on and on, here are a few pros of fast wedding planning most people don’t know about:
  • Lock in lower costs! Many venues and vendor pricing increases each year. Snagging a 2016 date will ensure lower costs!
  • Negotiate Vendors – they will be happy to fill their 2016 event calendar. And, let’s face it – Less time for decisions, means less time to stress!
  • Claim “Married” on your 2016 Tax Return.


Photo Credit: Robyn Rachel Photography

Wishing everyone the most loving and fun Valentine’s Day weeknd! Hugs to all our couples celebrating their FIRST Valentine’s Day as a married couple!

XOXO – Big City Bride!