Planning the Bridal Shower

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The celebrations leading up to your wedding should be memorable and unique. These events are an opportunity to build excitement for the main event–your wedding! And, a wonderful time to spend with family and friends.

A few tips from Chicago’s favorite wedding planner when planning your bridal shower are:  

  • Make it fun! Find ways to encourage guests to interact or plan surprises to keep things interesting.
  • Steer the focus away from opening gifts. Whether the bride opens gifts as guests are arriving or does it as an optional viewing at the end, avoid making it the highlight of the event.
  • Add bubbly! Cocktails make any party a little more fun.


To invite the groom and his guys or make it all about the bride?

Let the guys join! Make it a couple’s shower or have the groom and dads join at the end. Everyone loves to see the couple they are celebrating. Also, weekend time is precious and couples want to spend their free time together.  So, why not make it a party! A fun way to mix the genders is to plan a girl’s side (bubbly and bites) and a guys side (whiskey and BBQ) to start and bring everyone together half way through with an activity.


To theme or not to theme?

A theme could be as simple as creating theme dcor and a menu or as intricate as encouraging your guests to dress the part.

Themes we love…

  •  English Garden Tea Party (Encourage guests to wear a hat! Make the design floral and fancy. Decorate with tea pots of flowers and hand out tea as a favor.)
  • Fiesta (Do a salsa tasting station, mini margaritas, bright colors and bring in a surprise salsa dance instructor. Keep the vibe festive.)
  • Around the Clock (Assign everyone an hour of the day and encourage them to gift appropriately. It will make the gifts more unique and thoughtful ….and be a great conversation piece.)

Photo Credit: Chicago Riverbend Studio