A New Take on the Wedding Cake

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Rather than having the towering layers of traditional wedding cake, we are seeing many couples opting to do smaller “photo op” cake and spice up the dessert table! When we say “photo op” cake we mean a small “ceremonial” cake to use for the traditional purposes of cutting your cake together, but that’s it! This cake can be wrapped up by the catering staff and sent home for a late night snack, but this cake will not be served. Instead, couples are offering guests a variety of sweet treats. The dessert picks can even be a personal touch on your wedding. Do you have a favorite dessert or candy as a couple? Maybe a signature date night dessert? Whatever it may be, think about including this special sweet treat for your celebration. If you are looking to add a modern detail to your wedding, an assorted dessert table is the perfect option. Big City Bride weddings have seen some very creative dessert options lately.

New takes on weddings cakes include…

·    Macaroon tower

·    Cupcake stand

·    Pie Station

·    Plated desserts like crme brulee, tiramisu, etc.

·    S’more Bar

·    “Sweets Lounge” (an sectioned off area with lounge furniture + yummy desserts)

·    Or the ever popular “Candy Bar” featuring a variety of sugar sensations


A candy station paired with assorted desserts and a “photo-op cake!”

Photo Credit: Caroline Dixey Photography


Cupcakes to grab or cupcakes to-go! A fun option of a mini-cupcake tower or Sprinkles indivually packaged cupcakes. 

Photo Credit: Riverbend Studio (left) Edenhurst Studio (right)

A display so pretty you (almost) don’t want to touch it! Mixing up the dessert options with cake pops, macaroons and much more!

Photo Credit: Robyn Rachel Photography