The Murphy Chicago & The Driehaus Museum

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Chicago is home to many unique venues located all over the city, which can make discovering the perfect venue quite challenging! Last week, your favorite Chicago wedding planner was able to explore two of the cities “finest architectural jewels” that we absolutely fell in love with; The Murphy Chicago and The Richard H. Driehaus Museum. This unique historic venue is tucked into the lovely River North neighborhood featuring gorgeous interior and exterior design influenced by the French Renaissance art style.

                                                        {Murhpy Chicago Entrance}                                                                             {Driehaus Museum Entrance}

This historic space was built in 1926, renovated in 1987, restored in 2003 and opened to the publuc in 2006. The Murphy was built to serve as a memorial to the great surgeon Dr. John B. Murphy and a center of education in surgery. Due to growth, their headquarters relocted, but The American College of Surgeons still obtains ownership. This elegant and remarkable venue is the perfect fit for a ceremony and reception celebration. It features a beautiful vaulted ceiling with intricate French designs, decorative wallls accompanied by stunning stained glass and as elevated stage, creating an overall remarkable room.

Connected to The Murphy venue is the Driehaus, which was formerly the home of banker Samuel Mayo Nickerson. After many years of inactivity, Chicago philanthropist Richard H. Drieshaus founded the museum on April, 1 2003 to preserve and showcase artifcats from this late 19th century home. The marble clad entrance hall, wooden interiors and beautiful rooms are sure to take your breathe away! The museum hosts the perfect space for an intimate dinner party or cocktail hour, where guests would be able to tour the exhibit and admire the stunning furniture, art and exclusive selecton of works by Tiffany Studios. Just image wandering through the enchanting hallways with a cocktail at YOUR wedding! We can’t think of anything more perfect.


The Murhpy and Driehaus Museum are historic gems and exclusive venues on Chicago’s event scene! This space is perfect for a smaller event guest list looking for a truly unique and elegant experience!