The Most Expensive Places to Get Married!

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One of the hardest parts of our job is to explain the costs associated with a Chicago wedding. Big City Bride does not create the costs…but we can educate, prioritize and propose options for every element of your Chicago wedding day. Weddings are expensive and Chicago weddings cost more than most. The Knot magazine just released their 2014 bridal survey with the nation’s average wedding cost! According to the Knot’s latest study, couples spent an average of $31,213 on their big celebration. In comparison to last year, the average is up more than 4% from $29,858 in 2013! But, remember these are just the average! A city such as Chicago or New York will cost much more. In fact, Chicago’s national average is $50, 934 ranking the fifth most expensive to get married in the U.S.


The most important thing we hope you are able to take away from these numbers is to better understand where costs are coming from. In order to stay within your wedding budget it is important to prioritize and create a plan. One of the most conversations we have with our couples is BUDGET! Knowing, understanding and cooperating within your budget is key and will allow you to plan YOUR perfect wedding. Chicago wedding planners have a lot of responsibility. The logistics and challenges of city wedding planning, the increased costs and taxes, and the high taste and expectations make for amazing events. We are honored to be a part of the Chicago wedding industry and to have our hands in some of the very exciting Chicago weddings included in this survey (both below and above the average.) For anyone recently engaged or planning a wedding, take a look at this survey and share with friends and family! This will help you and your parents understand where costs come from.