Just Engaged? How to Plan a 2016 Wedding!

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Just engaged and feeling lost? Once the initial shock passes and you and your fianc starting thinking about your wedding the most important question to answer right now is do you want to plan a 2016 or 2017 wedding. 2016 Saturdays in Chicago have been booking a year out, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are all gone. If you are hoping to celebrate your nuptial in 2016 there is still time!!! First things first, hire a professional. A Chicago wedding planner can help you plan and act fast. We have inside resources and great relationships with Chicago venues. We can help you venue search, book and secure FAST! Another option to consider is marrying on a Friday or Sunday. If you love a venue and it fits your guest count and budget, don’t rule it out because it doesn’t have a Saturday! Consider a Friday or Sunday – you’ll have more dates to choose from and it is possible the rental fee may be lower!

Once you have booked your venue, you can secure a ceremony time, hotels and hire your priority vendors. Planning fast does not have to stressful and you can still plan the perfect day. For anyone needing planning assistance Big City Bride Chicago wedding planners would love to plan your special day!