Jumping for Joy with Action Booth Fun!

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Happy Wednesday from the Big City Bride team! There are so many things to be thankful for and so many things to celebrate … so we’re jumping for joy and sharing the world’s funniest photo booth photos. Today we are thankful for Susan who just celebrated a birthday! We are overjoyed for Chrissy who welcomed a baby neice into the world this past weekend. She is the best aunt ever to three beautiful princesses. And then of course there is this new beautiful season of Fall … quickly settling in and bringing with it some very wonderful Big City Bride weddings. But of course, we are gleefully jumping this week to see the sunshine and feel the warmth to help us embrace what is left of Summer.

Yes. We are silly. These pictures were taken from our Knot Chicago Market Mixer! The Action Booth might be our new favorite thing. We think the Action Booth would make a fantastic addition to any Chicago wedding where you want your guests to have a hilariously good time! They provide a high quality camera, studio lighting, and other equipment to share photos rapidly to guests via a large display screen, on-site printing, and an online gallery! Guests can log onto www.actionbooth.com to look at your events photos and relive the memories from your amazing day! What a fun way to remember your special day!