Interactive Wedding Ideas!

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A strong trend in recent years, and one we do not see going away, is mixing traditional and non-traditional elements to your wedding day. There is a time and a place to incorporate non-traditional trends like food trucks, marquee signs, etc.  Decide where you are comfortable breaking the mold and where you want to incorporate trends in your wedding. Many couples prefer to keep the ceremony traditional, but will add more flair to the dinner, dancing or late-night portion of their weddings. A few interative ideas for your wedding that will make your celebration very unique:

·       Get creative for cocktail hour and do wine tasting or craft beer tasting. 

·       If outdoor, consider adding some games to cocktail hour.

·       Hire Dueling pianos to play for cocktail hour.   Focus on love songs or encourage requests!

·       Add surprises like a confetti cannon, bottle flares, light up champagne bottles, glow ice cubes and other fun props.

·       Have fun with introductions! I love the idea of having the couple emcee their bridal party introductions adding commentary, jokes, appropriate music, etc.   This way the bride + groom get to see all the introductions rather than hiding in the back waiting to be announced.

·       Plan a trash the dress shoot so you can get all those gorgeous photos without the stress of a wedding day.  And be sure to plan out your photos by bringing props like a “thank you sign” sparklers, umbrellas, confetti, etc.

·       The interactive guest book can be achieved in so many fun ways…

o   Mad libs cards

o   Photobooth strips with stickers, markers, etc.

o   Instagram wall

o   Wine bottle wishes Writing a wedding wish on a magnum bottle of vino that the couple will drink for their special anniversaries.

o   Quilt patch wishes that are sewn together to make a blanket

o   Almost Think of a “guest book’ that will be more fun the longer you are married!