How to Have Finish Line Fun!

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For those in the planning stages, one VERY important final detail you need to remember is to plan ahead (at least a week) so you can have FINISH LINE FUN! The week leading up to the wedding will be filled with family celebrations, out of town guests arriving and late night wine sessions with your bridesmaids. AND, this is exactly how it should be!  Don’t plan until the bitter end.  Give yourself a deadline to finish your wedding responsibilities and hand off the plans/pieces so you can enjoy this once in a lifetime experience! 

The best way to have a stress-free wedding week is to: 

  • Make a detailed wedding checklist of everything you’ll need for the wedding weekend.  
  • This list will include your attire, bridal party gifts, vendor tips, sentimental items, personal comfort kit of toiletries, etc.
  • Be specific and communicate plans with all necessary parties.
  • After the list is made, cross check your list with your wedding timeline to make sure you are covered for every moment of your special weekend.  


This is your wedding and your special time to celebrate this once in a lifetime event! So, to all our couples-embrace the small moments leading up to the wedding, don’t sweat over one hiccup and always always always remember the heart of the celebration is you marrying the love of your life! Happy planning!

Photo Credit: Gerber & Scarpelli