How to Be the Best Wedding Guest: Wedding Day Reminders

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Now that you know how to dress and are fit with some helpful pre-wedding tips, it’s time to talk about the day of!  So many exciting things happen on wedding day, and as a guest, you want to make sure to add to the fun festivities and not complicate them with avoidable distractions.  Here are some wedding day reminders that will help you be the most fun and supportive guest at the party! 

First things first, it is important to be an attentive guest at the wedding celebration.  Make sure to plan ahead and arrive 30 minutes early to the ceremony; you will have ample time to find a good seat and watch the loving couple say their “I do’s.”  Also, to make sure an unexpected call doesn’t set off your ringtone, it is always a good idea to turn off your cell phone.  Lastly, be careful to listen during the ceremony and toasts, and try not to be incessantly texting throughout these significant moments. 

After the ceremony ends, it is time to have fun!  This is the biggest night of the newlyweds’ lives, so make it an enjoyable one.  Don’t be afraid to dance and mingle with other guests.  If you are seated at a table with people you haven’t met yet, be sure to introduce yourself; the bride and groom thought you all would be a good fit at the same table, so take advantage!  Enjoy the night as much as you want, but as always, remember to be responsible and make sure your date is acting appropriately as well!

When you are worn out from a night full of dancing, it is time to head home.  Be careful to leave at an appropriate time—leaving too early in the night might make the bride and groom feel like you are not having fun, which of course is not the case!  When the night is coming to an end, make your way to the newlyweds to say thank you and goodbye.  After all the work they put into this event, it’s important to let them know how much you enjoyed your time and how happy you are about their new union.  It is always a nice idea to appreciate the parents of the bride and groom as well for all they put into the wedding.