How to Be the Best Wedding Guest: Pre-Wedding Tips

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For every couple, one of the most special parts of getting married is being able to share it with their friends and family, so this week on the Big City Bride Blog we are focusing on you: the guests!  We want to help you be the best guest you can be throughout the entire wedding celebration—and that even includes everything that comes before the event.  From a prompt and appropriate RSVP response to the perfect wedding gift, remember these tips for being a good pre-wedding guest!

Your first wedding task usually comes with the RSVP.  Send in a prompt RSVP to secure your spot on the guest list and allow the engaged couple to finalize the guest count and table settings with plenty of time to spare.  The planning team will have so much to do before the wedding; they simply don’t have time to track you down for your RSVP.  Additionally, be sure to invite along a guest only if you have been given that option (who is the invite addressed to!?); it is never safe to assume you get a plus one!  And remember, you are responsible for your guest on the day of the wedding, so be careful to invite someone you know and trust to act appropriately.    

Next on the list of pre-wedding preparation is to buy a good and appropriate GIFT.  When buying a wedding gift, the first place to look is the couple’s registry.  The registry items, though they might not always seem glamorous, are exactly what the couple wants.  We know every guest hopes to give a very heartfelt gift to the bride and groom, so search through the registry to find something that might be particularly meaningful to your relationship, and attach a personal note to explain why you chose that item.  This is a great way to show the bride and groom how much thought went into their gift!  Remember to send the gift directly to the home of the bride or groom and do not bring it to the event—there is so much to keep track of on wedding day, a big package is an added burden as they leave for their honeymoon. 

Another option for a wedding gift is to send a heartfelt note with a check (cash can get lost!) Some extra spending money can be the perfect thing for newlyweds as they embark on their new journey together! Depending on your relationship to the couple, it is nice to spend anywhere between $75 and $250 on the gifts, including the engagement and shower presents, as well as the wedding gift.  This may seem like a lot, so we recommend deciding on a wedding budget before purchasing anything and plan on spending about 20% of that budget on the engagement gift, 20% on the shower gift, and 60% on the wedding gift.  If you are only attending the wedding, you have your whole budget to spend on the wedding gift. 

Remember these tips as wedding day approaches and be the dream guest for the newlyweds!