Happy Fourth of July!

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Big City Bride is wishing everyone a very Happy Fourth of July! It’s a holiday to celebrate the ultimate summer day. It’s a holiday of food, friends, family, drinks, beach, and fireworks! Most importanly is a day to relax and focus on simple pleasures of life. Take time to soak up some Chicago sunshine, enjoy wonderful company and catch a firework show. As Chicago wedding planners we see “firework moments” every weekend. Some involve actual sparklers and some involve a couples sparkling love. Big City Bride wishes everyone a special “firework moment” this holiday weekend. 

Photo captured by Chicago wedding photogapher Gerber and Scarpelli


This year Big City Bride is celebrating the fouth of July on Lake Michigan with a Chicago beach wedding. This event has been perfectly designed and planned by Chicago wedding planner Claire Weller! We have been anxiously awaiting this event for months….make sure to check Instagram: @BigCityBride for live photos of this celebration!