Hallelujah in Chicago Churches

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This Easter Sunday the church bells will be ringing! Little kids get dressed in their Sunday best, the choirs sing, the organs play, and every Chicago church is in celebration mode. Big City Bride is lucky to spend many hours in Chicago churches celebrating Chicago weddings. We often feel the celebration and joy commonly felt on Easter Sunday. Big City Bride is so blessed to be Chicago wedding planners, sending bride and grooms down the aisle to start their new life together. We love the anticipation and preparation and respect the sanctity of a Chicago church wedding. 

Chicago wedding planners have worked in most of the Chicago wedding churches and can provide recommendations for the style and religious affiliation you’re looking for. Chicago has incredible churches to choose from and we know the pros and cons of each regarding architecture, ease of communication, pre-marital counseling and requirements, cost, air conditioning, photographer restrictions, available timing, parking options, etc. From there we can have fun with the details to make it a beautiful celebration!