GoPro Go Wedding!

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A trend popping up quite frequently in the wedding industry is the use of a GoPro video camera. Guests are providing the bride and groom with an extra footage to view for years to come. We don’t suggest replacing a professional videographer, but we are seeing people using GoPro cameras to capture different views of the wedding! The video can represent your wedding day through the eyes of a guest. This can be another way to celebrate, but to ensure this does not add stress it is best to make a plan. THINK AHEAD. If you would like a GoPro to be apart of special day, designate a person or a group of people to be in charge. You are going to be too busy celebrating on your wedding, so make sure to think about where the GoPro will be at least a ONE MONTH before wedding day. Start by asking friends or family who might own a GoPro…this will save money and time. Someone owning one might be willing to lend it out for the day, or might even volunteer to take on this task! This should be a fun extra to the wedding day, but not something to hinder your budget.

 A professional wedding videographer does an impeccable job capturing the beautiful moments of a wedding day. A wedding videographer will capture the details, the big picture and everything in between. Designate the GoPro to do something different. The GoPro camera will be wedding day from the eye of a guest. This could catch a glimpse of friends gathering before ceremony anxiously awaiting the bride to stun them as she walks down the aisle. Also, the GoPro could capture guests catching up and enjoying cocktails before dinner or dancing the night away! If you are interested in using a GoPro, plan ahead and it will be another wonderful piece to look back on.  

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