Give Your Wedding a Hashtag

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Give your wedding a hashtag. The term “hashtag” has become wildly popular, but have you ever thought of using it on your wedding day? Incorporating a personalized hashtag into your special celebration is an instant way to catch a glimpse of your magical day. We see guests capturing the entire night on their smart phones. Those who plan to upload a picture on Instagram or Twitter can include your wedding hashtag in the caption. Once the #weddinghashtag is included, you can search this at anytime and find a stream of photos. These photos are different from the shots your photographer(s) will capture. These pictures are your bridesmaids taking a selfie on the trolley, your groomsmen waiting for ceremony to begin, your guests enjoying cocktail hour or your favorite wedding planner capturing behind-the-scenes work! These photos capture the moments of wedding day. Our favorite way to make guests aware of your personalized hashtag is using signage! Place cute signs on your bars, sweet table, escort card table, etc. encouraging guests to share their wedding day photos.   Take it a step further and do an Instagram wall where all guests take photos in front of a backdrop and post to social media.  It becomes an instant guest book and photo album of all guests who attended your wedding.  Be creative with your wedding hashtag. Past Big City Bride wedding hash tags:

·      new last name or both last name combination #thekeneficks

·      if your last name rhymes with something–use it #scarpediem2014 

·      incorporate wedding location #jzatthezoo (wedding was at Caf Brauer)

·      something simply fun #kkspartyparty #goteamranney #staleyshindig


Wedding hashtags are an instant way to see your wedding! Search any of these past Big City Bride hashtags to see what we mean. A hashtag is a fun and easy wedding detail to add some extra magic to your beautiful celebration.