Dodge a Wedding Disaster

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People always listen to our advice of what TO DO for their wedding…but sometimes it’s important to know what NOT TO DO! Here is our list of the top mistakes couples make when planning their wedding. 

Here are the top wedding mistakes to avoid when planning your celebration:


Often times we hear about couples booking the church first.  If you think about it, churches can hold multiple weddings a day, however a venue only has room for one wedding a night.  The appropriate course of action is to gather your reception venue availability and then match it with your church.



A common mistake is picking wedding a specific date.   By this doing this you limit ceremony and reception options.   This can also create a problem if the selected date is busy with local events.  Chicago has many citywide events and conventions that present hurdles for a wedding.   Large conventions inflate hotel room rates or can make a host hotel block impossible to get.   Citywide events like Lollapalloza or the Chicago Marathon limit hotel availability as well, and they present issues with traffic, noise, road closures, etc.  Couples should also research floating holidays or religious events such as Easter, Passover, Yom Kippur, Memorial Day, etc before selecting their wedding date.   It’s also a good idea to consult the sunset calendar.  If you dream of a candlelit wedding and your venue is all windows, you should avoid dates surrounding the summer solstice when daylight is at its longest. There are countless reasons to weigh your wedding date options…the best way to be sure you are choosing wisely is to hire a wedding planner who is considering all angles.



Couples often begin seeking vendors before the big picture plans are set.  It’s like buying furniture for a home you do not have.  Most couples are rookies at wedding planning…so if you aren’t sure how to manage your wedding than get an expert!   A planner will map out a course, help navigate the road ahead and will keep you on track with all the big decisions like budget, ceremony/reception options, group hotels, logistics, vendor selection, planning all wedding weekend festivities and more.  A planner will help you to enjoy being a bride and groom and will allow you to manage your day-to-day life…because you want to keep that in tack and on track too!



Beware of hiring “friendors.”  These are family members or friends who are non-wedding professionals.  We have seen the aftermath of these arrangements and it typically doesn’t work.   Worse yet, once you hire a “friendor,” it is very difficult to fire them.  Go pro!


Photo Credit: Riverbend Studio