Choosing Your Chicago Wedding Planner

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Whether it’s your first move as a newly engaged couple or a last minute decision to find some bridal peace as you get near “I Do,” choosing a Chicago wedding planner is a big decision and should not be taken lightly. Big City Bride believes that our success is not only in our event knowledge, industry connections, and professional execution, but also in our relationships with brides and grooms. As you search for a Chicago wedding planner to fit your needs and budget, also search for a planner who you click with! It sounds silly perhaps, but you have to like us! We are around you all day on wedding day, spending intimate time with your family and friends, supporting you in your nervous moments, and celebrating with you on your happiest day. 

Of course there are other the professional specifics as well that make Big City Bride a trusted and respected Chicago wedding planner with brides, vendors, and Chicago wedding venues. Here is a little advice to consider as you choose your Chicago planner:

  • Your time is valuable and your schedule is probably busy. So often we hear about brides and grooms in school, studying for the bar exam, working hard hours as doctors, totally devoting a month to a case or a campaign, dealing with family health issues, buying a house, or moving across the country! What is this year going to bring for you? Find a planner who is comfortable meeting in person and working via email, conference calls or even Skype!
  • Choose a Chicago wedding coordinator with flexible hours to fit your schedule, even if it means in the evening. Big City Bride welcomes an after work meeting where you can enjoy a glass of wine and dinner while we guide you through the many details of your wedding.
  • Where are they located? Big City Bride is proud to have a studio conveniently located in Lincoln Park with easy parking and restaurants near by for dinner! Our working office is full of samples, swatches, set-ups, and materials to make the planning interactive and productive. With an office of planners, it is guaranteed that someone here can help you even if you planner is unavailble for a moment.
  • Don’t be someone’s trial. Your Chicago wedding day is too important to trust it to someone looking to get in the business. If you’re considering a helpful friend, beware of the “friendor” and all the drama and awkard confrontation the might occur if they aren’t able to meet your expections. Somethings are best left to the professionals with years of experience and too many references for you to ever call yourself!

Yes, we believe in Big City Bride and the product we provide … but only if we’re a good match for you. If you’re looking to find a Chicago wedding planner to guide you through this process and to trust to show you the best vendors, consider us. We are not the least expensive option but we promise to be a reliable and enjoyable choice! Give us a call if you’d like to chat at 773.525.7526!

Here are a few of the Big City Bride wedding planners at a recent and glamorous Chicago wedding! Thank you Riverbend Studio for snapping a quick pic of the team (missing Crystal.)