Choosing the RIGHT Wedding Vendor

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The vendors you hire will determine the success of your wedding day. Truth be told, even the most organized of brides will not have full control of their wedding day. It is impossible to exchange vows while attempting orchestrate setup. It simply, cannot happen. The solution to this is to hire vendors you LOVE and trust. Your wedding day should be completely magical and most importantly, stress-free. You should have complete confidence in all vendors for them to takeover and create your vision. How to find the perfect vendor? Research, interview and find a connection. Research your options! Take the time to scout out the perfect person to fill the job. With the help of a Big City Bride wedding planner, instead of researching a vendor and you can efficiently just choose one! We do the work analyzing your budget and deciding which vendors would fit your style best. From there, we present you with a list of preferred options to choose from. A wedding planner is in your corner fighting for your vision at the price you need. We understand budgets, contracts, etc. We know our clients because we uniquely take the time to build a connection with them. If you cannot make a connection with your vendor you will most likely feel unsure and unsettled on your wedding day; two things a bride should NEVER feel.  On your wedding day, you should be completely in the moment! You should not be worried about if the cake arrived or if your transportation is on time…. if you hire the right vendors, you won’t need to be! The New Year is approaching fast and there still some 2015 venue dates available. If you are looking for a loved and trusted vendor, give Big City Bride wedding planners a call! We would LOVE to plan your special celebration. 

Photo Credit: Riverbend Studio