Voting For Fun Details

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It’s a political season! With a presidential election right around the corner, Big City Bride has a few suggestions to sneak the election into your Chicago wedding or Chicago rehearsal dinner! Since it happens only once every four years it’s definitely something special and timely and a great way to make your Chicago wedding stand out. Guests notice the little details that set your event apart so get creative and have fun. Witty is cute.

You’re about to be life long running partners!

There are so many creative ways to bring the excitement of the election to your wedding without being too controversial. The bride and groom are the candidates for the day! Maybe you have a mock debate between the couple at the Chicago rehearsal dinner. At the rehearsal dinner the bride’s and groom’s guests can each get buttons with their respective names. It’s a fun icerbeaker as people try to meet and greet and learn who’s who.

Campaign buttons can be fun for a Chicago wedding as well! One Big City Bride found vintage campaign buttons and plans to pass them out to add some controversial fun for dancing. Another Big City Bride and groom plans to celebrate that they met in politics with buttons at each place setting naming them as running mates!

Maybe you have a ballot box for a few big questions and you let your Chicago wedding guests vote “When you’ll buy your first house,” “When you’ll have your first child,” and “Last song of the night will be…” etc. Something fun to look at the next day and for years to come!