Raining Love on Colorado

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All over the country people are praying for rain. Not often do you hear wedding planners wish for rain, but in regards to the devastating Colorado wildfires rain is needed more than ever. And so, we wish for rain! And to do my part in the rain dance I’ll try to make brides more accepting of a little rain for their wedding day.

In an effort to send all positive energy to the people of Colorado fighting and fleeing fire, Big City Bride has a few tips and reasons why rain on wedding day isn’t something to fear. This time of year outdoor Chicago weddings are planned every weekend and rain is always a possibility. As a Chicago wedding planner, Big City Bride has to prepare for a rainy day and be prepared to solve anything that comes our way. Here are some wedding tips for a rainy day:

  • Have an umbrella! Borrow a few from your Chicago wedding hotel if it looks cloudy. Buy some very fun matching umbrellas for bridesmaids – rain or shine they will make for cute Chicago wedding photography.
  • Pack puddle friendly shoes. Don’t stain your ivory satin wedding heels! Bring your comfortable flip flops and carry your dress high!
  • Remember that rain has the incredible power of cooling a very hot day. Morning rain on your Chicago wedding day might make a hot outdoor wedding ceremony bearable.
  • Imagine a trash the dress shoot in a rain storm! Some brides and grooms frolic in Lake Michigan the day after their Chicago wedding, but photos in pouring rain could be incredible sexy and so very fun!

So there you have it. Big City Bride agrees that rain doesn’t have the ability to ruin a wedding day! But, rain does have the power to put the wildfires at rest and bring peace to the many worried people watching flames get too close to home.

Send all your positive energy, send prayers, send wishes, or just throw your arms up in a rain dance and hopefully Colorado will be safe soon.