No Rules to Wedding Planning

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Big City Bride will not plan a cookie cutter wedding. Our wedding planning style encourages couples to create a Chicago wedding that is unique to them and personal in every way possible. This might mean working with a Chicago caterer to develop a unique wedding menu with your favorite foods or one food station for the bride’s heritage and one for the groom’s. It might mean working with a Chicago stationer to custom design wedding invitations, menu cards, or perhaps table numbers with a personal anecdote on each. It might also mean working with your Chicago florist to design a wedding dcor theme that speaks to your culture or personal interests.

A personalized Chicago wedding also means that you don’t need to do every wedding tradition that your friends have done. If you don’t like bouquet tosses or you’re not comfortable with a garter toss, don’t do it! If you don’t want to do a sit down dinner then plan the best cocktail party your guests have ever been to! If you don’t want to do a guest book, then don’t have one. If you don’t want a head table of thirty people, then choose a sweetheart table or sit with your families!

The possibilities to Chicago wedding planning are endless, not only in design but also in the details and the timeline of your day. Let Big City Bride help make your Chicago wedding day just the way you want it!