Happy Birthday Chrissy!

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At Big City Bride we are lucky to have a team of Chicago wedding planners. All five planners at Big City Bride bring something different to the table. Everyone has their talents and unique personalities that they bring to their Chicago events, and the wedding planning process.

Perhaps you’re trying to imagine what it’s like to have a cozy Lincoln Park office full of five full time wedding planners; all women, all opinionated and willing to speak their mind, all energized enough to run around on wedding day for 14 hours straight, all hard working and determined, all very fast talkers, all fun loving and full of hilarious quirks, and all friends.

Well, yesterday was a Big City Bride birthday so I thought I’d take a moment to celebrate our very own Chrissy Magliano. Consider this a birthday card from the office! We posted a little birthday note on the Big City Bride facebook (check it out for photos and fun thoughts) where so many vendors and past brides sent her some love. It’s an odd job we have as Chicago wedding planners…for a year we have the privilege of stepping into people’s lives and families to guide them through a very exciting day. Hopefully somewhere between “Welcome to Big City Bride!” and “I DO” we become friends. A year in the life means a year of wonderful brides, grooms, families, Chicago weddings, fabulous vendors, and so many memories!

So cheers to a year in the life! Happy Birthday Chrissy!

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Thanks to Robyn Rachel Photography for the photography that captured Big City Bride so well.