Delicious Dessert, Easy as Pie

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It’s that time of year when we gather with our families and friends and completely indulge on the sweets we love most. It’s the time of year for cookies, for fudge, and for pie. The colder months always ask for warmer desserts.
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As Chicago wedding planners we see a lot of desserts. Big City Bride loves unique options for all aspects of an event including your Chicago wedding dessert! Recently, Chris and Natalie embraced their fall wedding with a pie station from their favorite Chicago pie shop, First Slice Pie Cafe!
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To match their decor, Natalie collected pie racks, needlepoint, and vintage table clothes to make the pie station not only a delicious focal point, but also a visual one.
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It was a complete success. There was an endless line of guests enjoying piece after piece of delicious pie. If only our grandmas’ pie could be so endless.
Wishing you a delicious holiday,
xoxo Big City Bride