Celebrating in Red, White, and Blue

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Americana. Red, white and blue. Stars and stripes. Fruit, cocktails, backyards, and sparklers. Fireworks and boats. Sunshine and friends. Family and laughter and tradition.
Summer sneaks up on us and the Fourth of July flies in to shake us awake and make us realize that in fact Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy these few wonderful months outside. This also reminds us that wedding season is in full swing! Although not too many brides dream of a stars and stripes wedding – Big City Bride does love to dream of the nostalgic appeal of a Fourth of July Americana party theme. So whether for Chicago wedding inspiration or for your backyard gathering tomorrow – here are just a few photos to put your party planning in motion. 
These photos were all found on Loverly! Although Pinterest is a booming and beloved resource for visual inspiration it can be overwhelming. The wide variety of users means there is more to search through to find exactly what you need and want. Big City Bride loves Loverly, a site that is a bit more refined – almost curated – for classy wedding decoration inspiration. Search by color. Search by keyword. You will not be disappointed. 

Have the most wonderful Fourth! Cheers to the freedoms we are so lucky to have and the many blessings we too often forget to appreciate. Cheers to this country of United States – where all people are welcome and cultures can melt together. Cheers to the freedom to love who you want and to do what you love.