Book Your Wedding Venue BEFORE the Church!

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When you begin planning your wedding, it is easy to become “just book it” happy. The process can be overwhelming, for some, and without proper guidance it is easy to book things that are readily available without researching your best options. Your favorite Chicago wedding planner cautions you on this!! Take time to let choices settle in BEFORE signing any contracts. You don’t want to lose money because you overbooked or booked the wrong thing. It is important to discuss all priorities and options before booking any wedding vendors. Take time to discuss payments with everyone involved in the wedding process. While planning a wedding, many people are under the impression you should book your ceremony location and then select a venue. However, this is FALSE! Big City Bride wedding planners have some expert advice for you.  A church can do MULTIPLE weddings in a day, but your wedding venue can only do ONE. If you pick your church first you are pigeonholing yourself to one date. Churches can accommodate to multiple weddings because of time. A ceremony will be about an hour and the church can usher guests out and still have time to setup for the next ceremony. Although the ceremony might not happen at your ideal time, it will still happen!  If your church only has an early time, don’t fret. Instead, use that to enjoy your wedding day…how often do you get to wear the most gorgeous dress and veil? Also, guests will LOVE this downtime! During the downtime they can explore Chicago, grab a drink at a local bar, freshen up, relax and prepare for the fun-filled night to come. Chicago is filled with beautiful churches, all special and unique in their own way. Many ceremony locations hold sentimental value to a couple; don’t settle for anything on your wedding day! All your dreams can come true, and with Chicago’s favorite wedding planner by your side…we are sure of it!


Photo Credit: Riverbend Studio