Big Voices, Big Impact – Gospel Music for Wedding Ceremonies

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It’s about time we share one of our best kept secrets: Gospel choirs and wedding ceremonies go together like brides and grooms! They are an amazing duo and we love to work with them. Some of our Big City Brides have chosen to incorporate Gospel choirs in their wedding, and it has been a huge success! Gospel choirs have the ability to enhance the wedding music experience by making it have a fuller, ‘meatier’, sound. They can take the music and transform it into a beautiful, bright sound that can rarely be found outside a choir.
It’s definitely not an easy thing to pull off and if you’re going to do it, do it right! That said … Big City Bride has become quite the pro wedding planner when it comes to bringing together the talent, the logistics, and the magic.
  • If you want something special, be sure to hire an authentic Gospel choir that is comprised of a church choir because they are used to singing together in a group.
  • Most choirs do not sing acapella and need supporting instruments when they sing, so plan on having a few musicians to accompany them.
  • Make sure you discuss the song selection months in advance because most popular love songs that are not Gospel choir friendly so they need ample time to practice and make the song their own!
  • Gospel choirs usually do not have their own robes, so plan accordingly by finding colored robes that you like.
  • We highly suggest plotting where the choir will be placed during the ceremony, along with how they will enter and how they will leave. Most choirs have 10 or more people in them, which means planning their entrances and when they stand/sit is an absolute must!  
  • There are not many Gospel choirs in the Chicago area that cater to weddings, so if you are interested in having one at your wedding the best option is to hire a professional (like Big City Bride) and a music producer or company that has experience with hiring one.
  • And lastly, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! The choir can make tempo’s faster and slower to your liking, especially for the processional, recessional, and other choreographed numbers so that everything is perfect! Rehearsals are a must in order for the choir to understand everything that you want for your wedding day! 
Last December we planned an incredible Chicago wedding at the Chicago Cultural Center. The ceremony was flawless and incredibly powerful … thanks to a lot of rehearsing that morning. Check out this video for a little sneak into what a Gospel choir could add to your Chicago wedding ceremony!