Big City Bride Skyline Plunge! Chicago at theWit Hotel

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What an honor and what a thrill! TheWit Hotel Chicago had the crazy idea that it would be fun to have a Big City Bride Chicago planner jump off theWit rooftoop and rappell down all 27 floors. The Skyline Plunge! Chicago event happens twice a year, hosted by theWit to raise funds and thrill fundraisers over the edge. Each rappeller raised funds for the Respiratory Health Association to support their efforts against Lung Cancer, COPD, asthma and more. Chicago wedding planner Claire Weller represented the Big City Bride team and found herself going over the edge of theWit for an epic adventure. Here is what Claire has to say about it:

WHAT A TRIP! Never did I think I’d find myself on the roof of theWit hotel, or any tall Chicago building for that matter and have the guts to look over the edge, let alone rappell over and all the way down. Growing up my dad would sneak my brothers and I to the roof when my mom left the house … a little adventure that only dad knew about. Perhaps that set me up to enjoy the thrill of heights and the fun of being where no one else normally goes. When theWit Hotel asked me to take the Skyline Plunge! Chicago I could not resist and I did not hesitate. What a once in a lifetime experience! When I found out that the event supports the Respiratory Health Association I was proud to take part and support an organization that fights the health issues that affect so many families, including my own. My wonderful grandfather suffered from COPD and lung disease until he past away last year. This was a chance to spread his love for life and joy for having fun!

I will say – it’s nerve racking to get strapped in and head up to the rooftop! Luckily they allowed my best friend to come with to take these pictures of the experience. It is true what they say, sharing your adventures with people you love makes them even more special. Here are a few pictures that Liz snapped of the day so you can see what it was like from the top!

Here is the team of volunteers and professionals who put on the Over the Edge event, keeping everyone safe and supporting the anxious rappellers through it all. They thought I was hilarious because I was all smiles and all laughs – so excited for my turn!

The view – and me stepping off the edge.

Getting comfortable and stretching out over the great city of Chicago. I did in fact use my lungs (since it was a Respiratory Health Association event I thought it was appropriate.) I may have yelled “HELLO CHICAGO!” “YAAA BIG CITY BRIDE!” and “I’M ON TOP OF THE WORLD” all at some point. I think anyone would have in my position!

27 floors does not go quickly. It’s actually a lot of work to pull the rope up from the ground and pinch the contraption that lets rope through. It’s also surprisingly an amazing ab workout if you want to keep your legs up by the wall. That said…I spent a lot of time stopping and hanging…soaking up the moment and this amazing opportunity to float in the sky above State Street. I took in the view. I yelled down to my Big City Bride coworkers who came to support me! I threw my hands up and laughed a lot. I posed for pictures for the guests who found me rappelling past their hotel window. I even got a little risky bouncing off the windows. I can only imagine how silly I looked from the ground.

The best part was coming down to screams of support from my Big City Bride ladies. What wonderful friends. After a late night of Chicago wedding planning on Saturday they so loyally woke up early to watch me slowly lower down to the ground on Sunday. Here I am waving to them before I began and then us together as soon as I found ground. 

It was an amazing experience and I hope that when the event returns to theWit next Spring they will have a long line of fundraisers ready to push their limits for a good cause.