Big City Bride Backstage

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Well, we’ve never said our job is easy…and we’ve never said it wasn’t fun. Chicago wedding planners have some outrageous challenges thrown at them but when we shine through…really great things can happen. In May we convinced Lionel Richie to surprise our Union Station Chicago wedding. It’s not easy planning for the arrival and sercret performance of such a musical legend. However, it was amazing to have Lionel and his band in Chicago – they were incredibly kind men who absolutely love what they do…and yes…ladies and gentlemen…LIONEL HAS STILL GOT IT! 
This past weekend Lionel Richie and the full band made it back to Chicago on their ALL THE HITS, ALL NIGHT LONG Tour! We were so lucky to have our friends invite us upfront for the show. There is nothing like a legend from front row. We danced and loved every minute. There is something so impactful about looking back to see the entire United Center full of fans of all ages. 



Then of course we were spoiled a little more with backstage passes. Nothing like an All Area Access pass to make you feel special!  As Chicago fans we didn’t take lightly the novelty of being backstage where Chicago’s great athletes have warmed up for championship after championship. We found our way to the band to have a beer and pretend to be groupies. They were so nice to us…they even took us to the band’s tour bus for a little tour. 



We don’t mean to brag … we simply mean to be grateful. It was a compltely surreal night and I’m not sure we’d believe it all happened if weren’t for these pictures as proof. How fun to work with friends who support us through the bad times…and love every moment with us through the good times 🙂


P.S. thank you Michael, Glenn, and Ben for showing us such a great time!