The Average Cost to Attend a Wedding

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A few weeks ago we posted the Knot’s annual bridal survey explainging the average cost to have a wedding,  but today we caught wind of the average cost to ATTEND a wedding. Ready for this…

The American Express study finds the average cost to attend a wedding is $592.  This number has grown 75% in the past two years, but this large increase is not going anywhere. This number will stay steady into 2014. Weddings are no longer just cost heavy for the bride and groom, attending a wedding is going to require some saving.  Of course this number will vary depending if one is in the wedding party or not. However, the amount spent on the wedding gift is not factored in to the $592. This number covers travel, attire, wedding apparel, wedding day occasions, etc. For those who are attending a wedding we encourage you to save, plan and (of course as wedding planners) create a budget!