Unique Chicago Bachelorette & Bachelor Party Ideas

By:  Susan Cordogan

From Wrigley rooftops to flirty fitness activities and drag shows, there are so many options for the perfect Chicago Bachelorette and/or Bachelor party.  Here is one we love…

The Chicago Beer Experience is a super fun way to enjoy local brews while touring Chicago’s famous neighborhoods.  This three-hour tour can be a great to beginning OR ending to a day of bachelor or bachelorette party activities.   Grab your best gals or guys and take this tipsy tour!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

By Susan Cordogan

Once in a while we come across something that we can’t wait to share…and these rings have our hearts fluttering this Valentine’s Day.  Check out these “fingerprint rings” that are stylish and oh so romantic…


Brent&Jess fingerprint rings are hand crafted one of a kind, personalized works of art that feature the unique fingerprints from each couple. These are made right here in the good ole’ USA and combine old world craftsmanship and cutting edge laser technology.  Design options include imprints outside or inside the ring and countless colors, sizes and details to make these symbols of eternal love even more special!
We hope you are enjoying your Valentine’s day with your special someone!

Serving Signature Cocktails

Signature Cocktails


We are always looking for ways in which couples can personalize aspects of their special day. When it comes to the beverages being served throughout the evening, we love the idea of a fun Signature Cocktail. If couples share a favorite drink to sip on, one cocktail will suffice. If their preferences differ, two Signature Cocktails can be served.


1) Serve Your Favorites – It’s always important to keep in mind that this is your special day. We love to see couples choose their personal favorites for Signature Cocktails. If you are known to always be sipping on a margarita while you’re out on the town, serve it up for your guests to enjoy. Using a drink that is important to a bride or groom’s family is also a wonderful way to make them feel included.

2) Make Note Of Your Picks – If you are serving a Signature Cocktail or two it is crucial to make note of your pick so guests are aware. Signs or decorated chalkboards close to the bar that outline your drinks serve as wonderful reminder for guests to try your picks.

3) Signature Cocktails Don’t Have To Be Alcoholic – Are you an iced tea fanatic? Love a good fruit infused water? Or maybe just not keen on serving alcoholic beverages on your special day? Signature drinks don’t have to contain alcohol! A fun Signature Mocktail is a great alternative! We love to see warm Apple Cider in the fall or hot cocoa make a debut at a winter wedding.

4) Accessorize – Adding a cute paper straw in your wedding colors or a stylish swizzle stick are great options to carry your theme over to the bar. We love the idea of pumping up a classic , like a glass of champagne, with a fun rock candy stirrer.  Make a statement by accompanying each drink with a personalized cocktail napkin.


Create Your Own Wedding Snapchat Geofilter

From the beautiful floral arrangements to late night dance moves, you can count on guests snapchatting every aspect of your special day. The newest trend popping up throughout the wedding world is the creation of wedding snapchat geofilters. Geofilters allow your guests to add a fun, personalized border to the photos and videos they snap on wedding day.

Snapchat breaks down the creation of a geofilter into three simple steps…

1) Design – Use your wedding colors, chosen florals or any symbol that is important to your special day as inspiration to create a design for your geofilter. Many couples add their names or even the date to the design. Not very artistic? Don’t stress! Snapchat has several templates you can use to get your design started!

2) Map – Select a time frame and location in which you would like guests to be able to access your snapchat geofilter. We recommend choosing the time frame and location based on your reception.

3) Buy – Submit your geofilter to those at snapchat and they will review it and get back to you within one business day! The cost of your snapchat geofilter will depend on the area and time frame in which you would like the geofilter to be used.

A wedding day snapchat geofilter will give your day such an easy, personalized touch. The snapchats may go away after a few seconds, but we can ensure you that the memories will last forever!

Create your own geofilter here -> https://www.snapchat.com/geofilters



25 Most Expensive Places to Get Married in the US

Every year we anxiously wait for the release of The Knot’s annual study, 25 Most Expensive Places to Get Married in the US.  The Knot gathers information, surveys real couples and translates the information into a format we can all understand! As planners, we reference this study almost everyday. It is the perfect way to explain budget and help newly engaged couples understand realistic costs. Defining your budget early on in planning will allow you to have a wedding you love, not one you need to keep cutting back on. We cannot stress the importance of budget enough!

From The Knot:

Weddings are expensive—it’s hard to avoid it. Take one look at our recently released 2015 Real Wedding Study and you’ll see that the average cost of a wedding is higher than ever. So, if you’re planning to host your nuptials in one of the cities listed below, factor in regional price ranges when making your budget. That said, there’s a reason these locations come with such a steep bill—they’re totally stunning (and, we like to think, worth the splurge). Here are the 25 most expensive places to get married in the US:

1. New York – Manhattan: $82,299

2. Illinois – Chicago: $61,265

3. New York – Westchester/Hudson Valley: $57,501

4. New York – Long Island: $56,950

5. New Jersey – North/Central: $55,389

6. Massachusetts – Cape Cod: $54,334

7. Rhode Island: $50,266

8. New York – Outer Boroughs: $46,682

9. California – Palm Springs: $44,646

10. Louisiana – New Orleans: $44,178

11. New Jersey – South: $43,223

12. Pennsylvania – Philadelphia: $42,429

13. Connecticut: $41,692

14. Florida – Southern: $39,768

15. California – Los Angeles: $39,492

16. California – San Francisco/Greater Bay Area: $39,250

17. Texas – Houston/East TX: $39,189

18. California – Santa Barbara/Ventura: $38,570

19. Vermont: $37,880

20. Massachusetts – Boston: $37,799

21. DC – Washington DC/Northern VA/Suburban MD: $37,034

22. Maryland – Baltimore: $36,934

23. Michigan – Detroit: $36,619

24. Hawaii: $36,424

25. California – Orange County/Inland Empire: $34,012

Alternate Wedding Transportation

Fighting traffic in Chicago is no secret. On top of that, citywide conferences, festivals, game days and other events cause many issues on the road. When in doubt, leave it to the professionals! On your wedding day hiring transportation for your guests is always optional. Big City Bride Chicago wedding planners often organize shuttles and busses to take guests to and from the festivities. However, if transportation doesn’t fit in your budget, a couple can suggest alternate transportation for guests to use! Have you ever seen a car decorated with a cute pink mustache riding through the city? Those cars are opterated by Lyft, a quick and easy transportation service conducted through a smart phone. Lyft has just released an option for one-time events to simplify transit to and from weddings, conferences, birthday parties, etc.  



Through the app, you can order your ride, track the driver and pay instantly. Amazing, right? Now how to use Lyft for your wedding!

For special one-time events, you can customize your Lyft and create guest transportation. 

1.     You will create a custom code for your event to be used for all rides. This is a perfect opportunity to add one more detail to your special day. We suggest using something simple, yet catchy! You don’t want guests misspelling the code, but you want to keep it creative. The code could be your wedding hashtag, last name combinations, wedding name + the year or add Lyft into the code.

2. Once a code is created, guests will enter the it into the Lyft apps from their phone. This is simple, organized and convenient. The ride is at the convenience of the guest. He or she can decide when they would like to go home and if they want to use this credit. 

3. The code will be good for $X in Lyft credit, but ONLY on the night of the event. 

4. IMPORTANT: Credit can only be applied for Lyft rides that either start or end at the event location. Guests cannot joyride on your Lyft code. And, after the event Lyft will only charge for the credits used. 


We love the simplicity and convenience of using Lyft. Wedding guests can order and track their ride without missing a moment of the wedding celebration.