Alternate Wedding Transportation

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Fighting traffic in Chicago is no secret. On top of that, citywide conferences, festivals, game days and other events cause many issues on the road. When in doubt, leave it to the professionals! On your wedding day hiring transportation for your guests is always optional. Big City Bride Chicago wedding planners often organize shuttles and busses to take guests to and from the festivities. However, if transportation doesn’t fit in your budget, a couple can suggest alternate transportation for guests to use! Have you ever seen a car decorated with a cute pink mustache riding through the city? Those cars are opterated by Lyft, a quick and easy transportation service conducted through a smart phone. Lyft has just released an option for one-time events to simplify transit to and from weddings, conferences, birthday parties, etc.  



Through the app, you can order your ride, track the driver and pay instantly. Amazing, right? Now how to use Lyft for your wedding!

For special one-time events, you can customize your Lyft and create guest transportation. 

1.     You will create a custom code for your event to be used for all rides. This is a perfect opportunity to add one more detail to your special day. We suggest using something simple, yet catchy! You don’t want guests misspelling the code, but you want to keep it creative. The code could be your wedding hashtag, last name combinations, wedding name + the year or add Lyft into the code.

2. Once a code is created, guests will enter the it into the Lyft apps from their phone. This is simple, organized and convenient. The ride is at the convenience of the guest. He or she can decide when they would like to go home and if they want to use this credit. 

3. The code will be good for $X in Lyft credit, but ONLY on the night of the event. 

4. IMPORTANT: Credit can only be applied for Lyft rides that either start or end at the event location. Guests cannot joyride on your Lyft code. And, after the event Lyft will only charge for the credits used. 


We love the simplicity and convenience of using Lyft. Wedding guests can order and track their ride without missing a moment of the wedding celebration.