Serving Signature Cocktails

Signature Cocktails


We are always looking for ways in which couples can personalize aspects of their special day. When it comes to the beverages being served throughout the evening, we love the idea of a fun Signature Cocktail. If couples share a favorite drink to sip on, one cocktail will suffice. If their preferences differ, two Signature Cocktails can be served.


1) Serve Your Favorites – It’s always important to keep in mind that this is your special day. We love to see couples choose their personal favorites for Signature Cocktails. If you are known to always be sipping on a margarita while you’re out on the town, serve it up for your guests to enjoy. Using a drink that is important to a bride or groom’s family is also a wonderful way to make them feel included.

2) Make Note Of Your Picks – If you are serving a Signature Cocktail or two it is crucial to make note of your pick so guests are aware. Signs or decorated chalkboards close to the bar that outline your drinks serve as wonderful reminder for guests to try your picks.

3) Signature Cocktails Don’t Have To Be Alcoholic – Are you an iced tea fanatic? Love a good fruit infused water? Or maybe just not keen on serving alcoholic beverages on your special day? Signature drinks don’t have to contain alcohol! A fun Signature Mocktail is a great alternative! We love to see warm Apple Cider in the fall or hot cocoa make a debut at a winter wedding.

4) Accessorize – Adding a cute paper straw in your wedding colors or a stylish swizzle stick are great options to carry your theme over to the bar. We love the idea of pumping up a classic , like a glass of champagne, with a fun rock candy stirrer.  Make a statement by accompanying each drink with a personalized cocktail napkin.


Create Your Own Wedding Snapchat Geofilter

From the beautiful floral arrangements to late night dance moves, you can count on guests snapchatting every aspect of your special day. The newest trend popping up throughout the wedding world is the creation of wedding snapchat geofilters. Geofilters allow your guests to add a fun, personalized border to the photos and videos they snap on wedding day.

Snapchat breaks down the creation of a geofilter into three simple steps…

1) Design – Use your wedding colors, chosen florals or any symbol that is important to your special day as inspiration to create a design for your geofilter. Many couples add their names or even the date to the design. Not very artistic? Don’t stress! Snapchat has several templates you can use to get your design started!

2) Map – Select a time frame and location in which you would like guests to be able to access your snapchat geofilter. We recommend choosing the time frame and location based on your reception.

3) Buy – Submit your geofilter to those at snapchat and they will review it and get back to you within one business day! The cost of your snapchat geofilter will depend on the area and time frame in which you would like the geofilter to be used.

A wedding day snapchat geofilter will give your day such an easy, personalized touch. The snapchats may go away after a few seconds, but we can ensure you that the memories will last forever!

Create your own geofilter here ->