Advice for the DIY Wedding Couple

So often we witness DIY wedding fails! Couples spend countless hours adding personal details that often don’t work! But, don’t skip it altogether, just choose carefully what you want to invest your time and money into. Adding personal touches are a great way to make the day special (but remember sometimes that doesn’t need to mean DIY projects – grandma’s cake cutting set, your grandpa’s tie around the bouquet, your sister’s toasting flutes, etc. are wonderful details. Also, projects are a great way to involve family members. If your mom feels left out in decision making then give her a project to own! She’ll feel more invested in the day if she has contributed.

Advice for the DIY couple: 

  • Centerpieces, bouquets and backdrops are better left to the professionals. 


Invitations are harder than you’d expect, lean on someone who knows what they are doing to guide you through the process and the etiquette.

The logistics of wedding day are complicated. Although you can make a cute centerpiece, you can’t be there to set it up and you don’t want to be responsible for cleaning everything up at the end of the night. Let a professional take care of the dirty work so you can truly enjoy your day! It’s worth every penny.

  • Test all DIY details! We’ve seen a lot of effort put into place card holders that are adorable details, but fail to hold up the actual place card! It becomes a balancing act that can be avioided. 


  • So often great ideas work on paper but not as well in real life. Ribbon backdrops that seem simple weigh more than you’d expect and we’ve had to do some clever engineering to get the bride’s dream vision across!
  • A DIY project that is sure to please and perform are frames! Anything that can go in a frame will be a tasteful and cute detail. Leave notes for your guests everywhere (on the guestbook table, in the bathrooms, at the bars) and explain the personal details you selected.


Remember, every element should speak to you! The details are in much more than the dcor. Choose a menu that reflects your background and your favorite food. Serve your signature go to cocktail at the bar and leave a sign that tells everyone it’s yours. Remember that when you do plan a cute detail, leave a note so your guests know it’s something they shouldn’t overlook!