Dodge a Wedding Disaster

People always listen to our advice of what TO DO for their wedding…but sometimes it’s important to know what NOT TO DO! Here is our list of the top mistakes couples make when planning their wedding. 

Here are the top wedding mistakes to avoid when planning your celebration:


Often times we hear about couples booking the church first.  If you think about it, churches can hold multiple weddings a day, however a venue only has room for one wedding a night.  The appropriate course of action is to gather your reception venue availability and then match it with your church.



A common mistake is picking wedding a specific date.   By this doing this you limit ceremony and reception options.   This can also create a problem if the selected date is busy with local events.  Chicago has many citywide events and conventions that present hurdles for a wedding.   Large conventions inflate hotel room rates or can make a host hotel block impossible to get.   Citywide events like Lollapalloza or the Chicago Marathon limit hotel availability as well, and they present issues with traffic, noise, road closures, etc.  Couples should also research floating holidays or religious events such as Easter, Passover, Yom Kippur, Memorial Day, etc before selecting their wedding date.   It’s also a good idea to consult the sunset calendar.  If you dream of a candlelit wedding and your venue is all windows, you should avoid dates surrounding the summer solstice when daylight is at its longest. There are countless reasons to weigh your wedding date options…the best way to be sure you are choosing wisely is to hire a wedding planner who is considering all angles.



Couples often begin seeking vendors before the big picture plans are set.  It’s like buying furniture for a home you do not have.  Most couples are rookies at wedding planning…so if you aren’t sure how to manage your wedding than get an expert!   A planner will map out a course, help navigate the road ahead and will keep you on track with all the big decisions like budget, ceremony/reception options, group hotels, logistics, vendor selection, planning all wedding weekend festivities and more.  A planner will help you to enjoy being a bride and groom and will allow you to manage your day-to-day life…because you want to keep that in tack and on track too!



Beware of hiring “friendors.”  These are family members or friends who are non-wedding professionals.  We have seen the aftermath of these arrangements and it typically doesn’t work.   Worse yet, once you hire a “friendor,” it is very difficult to fire them.  Go pro!


Photo Credit: Riverbend Studio

Rain-Free Wedding Day

Chicago wedding planners know how unpredictable Chicago weather can be. Most days it has a serious mind of its own. If there is a chance of rain you can find us checking radar updates to ensure it will not mess up of wedding day timeline. Usually this is one aspect of the wedding day that is out of every Chicago wedding planner’s hand, but Oliver’s Luxury Travel Company has a service that could guarantee the perfect wedding weather. However, it will cost $100,000. How do they do it? The method is “cloud seeding” and it is a form of weather modification. It uses silver iodide to cause clouds to burst and disappear. It disperses substances into the air that serves as cloud condensation. Of course, natural disasters are not accounted for. This technique has been used for environmental purposes (droughts, etc.), but as the Telegraph reported a very special couple used this method on their wedding day––Prince William and Kate Middleton!

Unfortunately, this service is currently only available when you book at Oliver’s Travel chateaux in France.

So, to all our lovely couples chancing the weather…do not worry! The most important part of your wedding day is to celebrate your love. Rain or sunshine the day is all about you marrying the love of your life. 

Chicago Wedding Photographer: Edenhurst Studio

Celebrating LOVE!


As we kick-off Valentine’s Day weekend we are reflecting on a very interesting fact. According to Hallmark Research, more than half of the United States celebrates Valentine’s Day by exchanging cards. Cards and chocolates are purchased, romantic dinners are held, but underneath all the extras is one unquestionable fact: genuine love shared between two people. That is the most beautiful part of Valentine’s Day, holidays and WEDDINGS! While planning and preparing for these celebrations many become consumed with the details and lose sight of what the day is really about. So…once in a while you must remind yourself to sit back and just enjoy the ride! As Chicago wedding planners, we know the hustle and bustle of the city day can be dizzying and that is why our wedding planning experience is truly unique. We do the planning and our clients enjoy the ride! We minimize stress and maximize budgets. We listen to our client’s vision and communicate it to our vendors. Because of all of this…we make wedding magic! 

Loving on this love-filled weekend as we swoon over very happy Big City Bride weddings couples! If you are considering a Chicago wedding planner give us a call. We would love to meet in our cozy wedding planning office and chat all things wedding. 







Margo + Frank

Blue skies, green grass and a whole lot of love! Margo + Frank’s wedding day gives the word enchanting a completely new meaning. This lovely couple wed in Kohler, WI (yes.. Big City Bride loves destination weddings too!). Their day was perfect and Big City Bride was honored to plan such a magical weekend. The weekend kicked off with a rehearsal dinner at the Whistling Straits Golf course in the Irish Barn. The room design included farm tables topped with burlap runners, rustic lanterns and mood-setting candles. On the wedding day, the ceremony was outdoors at the American Club in the Gazebo Courtyard. A unique twist on the traditional program was a gold rock placed on each seat. With this gold rock, each guest was asked to make a wish for the couple and it was then placed in a vase for the couple to keep! With perfect weather ALL weekend long, the wedding party was able to take amazing photographs. Non-traditional wedding photos made a statement in 2014 and we predict this wedding trend is here to stay. Chicago wedding photographer, Studio This Is, creatively captured Margo and Frank’s day. The property of their wedding venue included LOTS of photo opportunites that Studio This Is completely took advantage of. 

Enchanting, magical and a true fairytale photo!



Chicago Weddings Tent Style

With all this Chicago snow, our hearts long for a beautiful Chicago summer tent wedding. For those couples who love the idea of transforming a space into ANYTHING…a tent wedding is for you. The endless design and dcor opportunities are overwhelming for couples, yet THRILLING for Big City Bride Chicago wedding planners. We have transformed simple white tents into fairytale dreams (…not kidding). Big City Bride can tent lakefront backyards, Chicago venues (Millennium Park, Chicago History Museum, etc.) and any other location our client’s dream up! The difficulties and logistics that go into the planning and building Chicago tent weddings are nothing Big City Bride can’t handle. Big City Bride is a team of Chicago tent wedding experts and we can make the impossible a wedding reality. We know the right tent size to fit your desired location, we think of all weather scenarios, we provide a plan and we know how to tailor your tent to create your vision! Think a tent wedding is for you?… We can help! Give us a call and let’s begin planning your perfect tent wedding. 

Here are just a few featured Big City Bride tent weddings: